The Garden Nursery is a Friendly, community setting that aims to provide outstanding care for your child. We aim to set secure educational foundations in a fun, creative way using our beautiful environment.

We are fortunate to have many staff who are educated to degree level (currently 4). This expertise supports us in providing high quality learning opportunities for the children. Further, we have two staff (with Q.T.S) who have both been Assistant Head Teachers in Primary Schools. These experienced staff will support your child in developing positive dispositions to their learning.

We also have a mix of male and female staff. This is something that is rare in Primary Schools, and especially in Early Years. It is of benefit to both girls and boys.

Our much higher than usual staff to child rations means that we can provide more of the high quality interactions that support your child in their speech and language development, social interactions and general learning. It also means that our staff have the space and time to engage in developing excellent relations with your child.